Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No one reads this but what the hell

So, I lost my job of 3 months. I am really trying not to take it personally. I told them right from the get go at the interview that I don't work well with others. I am a great person for the customers and I do a good job. I just suck at employee relations. They hired me anyway! They fired me because I have a hard time being part of the team. Well, DUH! When someone is doing something that is completely opposite of what we were trained, I will say something, to them. I really tried to suffer the fools gladly and lightly... I really did. It just didn't work.
Add to that the fact that I amost killed my daughter over the weekend. Ok... not quite but she was throwing up her toenails and my lack of knowledge almost put her in the hospital.
Money? We has none.
I am really trying not to let this all force me into a depression spiral. So far, so good.
Is this where I wanted to be when I was younger and thought about turning 40? Fuck no.
I love my kids. Our home is kid friendly. It's not a museum. All my good stuff will stay put away for another 10 years or so. It's a mess, but it's clutter, not dirt.
I am trying to keep things in perspective... It just keeps throwing that really big shaddow.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year.... Blah

Many things have happened lately.
I have finished 2 pairs + 1 of mittens. I have 2 on the needles right now. I finished my SIL's cotton shawl in time for her to take it home for Christmas. The house wasn't MIL clean but it was nice when they got here. I just have not been able to do much after falling after Thanksgiving and hurting my ass.
Kay's season is going great! They have not won many but she is working hard to make the numbers a little closer together. She has a natural talent. I am so darn proud of her.
Kolton isn't working, not going to school so he is working at cleaning the house for 4 hours a day. He is doing well at it. About what I expected from an 18 year old. He tried to dye his hair black in November. It came out blue. I am so proud of him.
Koben... what can I say. He is my little one so he is my gushy guy. The family got a WII for Christmas and everyone runs away from Koben when he is playing. He jumps up and down and spins and punches like he is part of the game! We fear for the telly when he is boxing. He still wants to save the turtles when he grows up. I am so proud.
The truck broke down. Not just a tire or a battery. OOOOhhhh no. Some little piddly part that causes such and such to stop working, that causes this and that dohickey not to do their job and then the other thingamabob doesn't work and the truck won't run. Oh yeah, it needs tires too. $2,500 later it's feeling fine. I feel faint.
I have a job! Not much of one. It's part time at a new little drive up coffee hut. It's not very busy. I get a lot of knitting done. Maybe sometime I should bring the computer so I can update this thing more.
I am sick. I HATE being sick. Ok, ok, no one that I know of actually likes being sick. My throat is sore, I cough every once in a while but it's this fever that is kicking my ass, which is already sore from falling on it and cracking the tailbone. Oh yeah. I am one unhappy blob in bed. I can't even watch TV! The remote is hiding. It's not lost. Nothing is ever lost. It's just hiding.
This just makes me more determined than ever to get in a better shape that what is currently reposing on really dirty linnens. (I know it's past time to change them when my husband's pillowcase is stiff from the drool. Yuck!) It's not my eating that is the problem. It's the lack of eating and the lack of movement. I don't drink those froo-froo coffee things with the 3 inches of syrup and sauce at the bottom of the cup, heck, I even put skim milk in my coffee if it needs it.
I just don't eat! I forget or nothing looks good.
More and more of my high school buddies are joining facebook. It's so wonderful to see them and how they have changed. I, of course, will not post a curent picture. I will forever be in high school. So there.
I can't wait to finish the mittens. There is so much more I want to knit. I need to knit the hat for mom, Christmas stockings sound just wonderful and the angora sweater that I frogged/deconstructed would look lovely in the whisp pattern. I would like to have a pair of mittens myself... maybe a hat to cover this gorgeous head of hair. Oh yeah. I went to the salon... I don't do this alot kids. I know what the mark up is and it just about kills me to get a color done. But I did it... for New Year's Eve. We were planning on going out to a party. I even shaved my legs!!! Yeah, that's right. I came down with this crud. BLAH! But now my hair looks ooooohhh so good against the pillows, even though it's standing up straight and kind of greasy today.
Ok. Time for more medicine and water. Oooo tea... that sounds lovely. I wonder if I can pay one of the kids to make it for me.