Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The trees is green, the grass is riz, I wonder where our warm weather is?

It's allergy season for me. Not for anyone in the house... just me.
"M0000000000mmmmmm! Would you please make me a sammich?" "Honey? Would you please wash my work clothes before you go to bed?"
Can't they see that my face is about to explode?
I HAVE to get on the mend soon. My cleaning schedule CAN'T be thrown off track. I have to have the house 90% clean for my mother's visit on the 1st.
I also need to get to the garden and pull winter weeds, add the compost and till the heck out of it. I get my jug of worm juice! The 'maters will be poppin!
Oooohhh darn it. I forgot to call the dog trainers. Callie hasn't been there enough times, 1 and a half out of 7... I need to see if she can be a part of the next session.
Our foster daughter has moved out of the house unexpectedly. It still stings. I had great hopes for her but she chose the easier in the short run/ harder in the long, path.
Felting projects are going well. I gave away the pink and black spittoon and I am going to remold the black and gold thinger. I still have the gold #2 and two of the mountain cups to go too. I like the "pre" look of the smaller one, the one I did a little crochet at the top to add a peak.
Amanda has yet to tell me what flavor of baby she is waiting for so I can't start the blanket that I soooooo want to start! Of course I could start it in green or purple, but of course, I don't have those colors! We can't afford another trip to any store that carries yarn for another month. I have several skeins of pink so cross your fingers for a girl!
I think I went to far on the socks. I might need to frog a bit so I can start the decrease.
We got all the stuff for the pump, however I can't find the stupid manuals! I have no bloody idea where I put them! She is supposed to get it hooked up on Friday and if I can't find them... we might have to postpone it again!
I have been pumping out..."Wash"cloths. None of those bad bad bad "D" words here.
I will post pictures soon. I need to work on Big Boy's graduation invites.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It went through!

Kaylen's insulin pump will be here May 6th! Woo Hoo!
Life will be soooooo much easier!
That is all....

Just not feelin' the luv

You know that warm fuzzy feeling when you are in love? I feel as far from it as one can get. All because of the weather.
Here is a live web camera view of the canal to the Aerial Lift Bridge.
http://www.earthcam.com/usa/minnesota/duluth/ Today, the winds are high and there is a snow/rain mix forcast for tonight.

My husband (Kent) went for an interview with Charter, a cable TV, phone and Internet company. He was offered the job! The pay is great! What's not so great... he will be self employed. We pay our own taxes, pay for our own insurance, use our own vehicle and pay for liability insurance, just in case he drills too many holes in a house. With the kind of pay he will receive, all will not be a problem.
HOWEVER~ My daughter, Kay has diabetes. It's a preexisting condition. If we can insure her, it will not be cheap.
The other problem~ Kent has to train for 2 weeks. Unpaid. Then it would be 3 weeks without a paycheck after that. When he does get paid, it will be every week. He was told that most of the guys that work now are earning 5-6K a month! What a step up from what he is paid now.
PLUS~ We have 2 months to buy our house. That means that we have to find 20K in that time for the down payment.
I am muddled.
I have been on the phone and web all day trying to find solutions to everything.
I will try and write something pithy tomorrow. Until then, enjoy a very cold picture of Lake Superior.