Monday, April 4, 2011

Of Knitting, Hair, School and Poo

LOOK!!! The sock from hell is done! I think I will start the second one about June. It's a pretty pattern, but I knit it tight in the cabled parts. I couldn't get it on any one's foot before I blocked it. I blocked it on a Poweraid bottle.
Now I have started on what I think will be a Hockey Fundraising pair of socks:
Speaking of hockey, I won a raffle for one of the tournaments held at Heritage Arena. A $25.00 gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, a rolling Igoo Cooler, 2 bottles of icky dry wine that I can give as gifts, a growler of locally brewed beer, three different kinds of fucking hot peanuts and a box of nice chocolates. Here is a pic!

More hockey, you ask? Why sure!
Kay tried out and got a spot on the Selects team! Phase one. Phase two is to play well and get an invite to try out for the Minnesota Selects. Then on to Nationals (that's phase 7) where she will work with Olympians in Rochester NY! We are super excited.
Segway to Kay (see what I did there Roy?). We just got word today that she is expected to carry a purse and not a backpack for her diabetic supplies. The English teacher has complained to the principal. Other kids in the class, non-diabetics can carry a backpack but for some reason, she is being singled out. It is in her school health plan that she can carry a backpack for her supplies if she wants. She HATES purses. She is not a girly girl (her words). In fact... She announced that for her 15th birthday, she wants to wear a little black dress, make up, heels and hair doo. OMG! I FINALLY get to go dress shopping with my daughter!!! I am sooooo excited! We have to find a garter belt for her pump. She doesn't want one from Medtronic... she wants the full on lace. hehhehhehheh! I am so  excited! Did I already say that?

Hair! I got my hair did! I got a perm. Not as spectacular as I wanted it to be... but it's nice and not frizzy. The stylist hated me... I had her jumping through hoops to make sure it turned out ok.

Our toilet is finally thawed! No leaks! Now we (read: Kent) need to get water flowing back into the house so we don't have to flush it with a bucket of water each time. No more stinky porta potty! YAY!